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Legal Law Advocate Paralegal

  • Ensure all individuals have fair and equal access to the law and that their rights are upheld
  • Provide clear and meaningful information with respect to your legal matters
  • Provide advocacy and support to individuals who are not eligible for legal aid
  • Assist with appeals
  • Assist individuals with document completion
  • Attend hearings and prepare individuals  for court
  • Negotiate 3rd party settlements and/or prepare and provide self-help information
  • Conduct legal research
  • Provide appropriate referrals
  • Liaise and assess the needs of individuals and community groups
  • Present legal education workshops
Quesnel Tillicum Society Native Friendship Centre
319 North Fraser Dr Quesnel BC V2J 1Y9

Phone: 250-992-8347
Fax: 250-992-5708
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